Final Sample

Picture of Final Sample

Materials and Apparatus needed:
i) 3 pieces of tissue paper
ii) Cooking oil
iii) Glo Lemon Dishwashing Liquid
iv) Eye dropper with measurement
v) Magnifying glass

Procedure for Testing:

1) Drop 5ml of cooking oil onto 3 different pieces of paper.
2) Wait for oil to diffuse through each layer.
3) Label pieces of paper A,B and C.
4) Drop 2ml of Glo Lemon Dishwashing Liquid onto paper A.
5) Drop 2ml of Garbage Enzyme onto paper C.
6) Observe for visible results in the appearance of oil.

Evidence of Testing:


The experiment is not accurate as it was not repeated to check for accuracy of results and also due to the fact that the results are qualitative instead of quantitative, and thus the results are subjective. If possible, in future experiments with the garbage enzyme we aim to use the UV spectrometer to measure absorbance of the oil at first against after the addition of the enzyme and detergent.

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